BAN #29: Astronomy chopped, global weirding

July 23, 2018 Issue #29

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Q & BA

You asked. I answered. 

Due to the imposing presence of San Diego Comic Con in my life over the weekend, I didn’t have time (or energy or enough sleep) to make a video answering a comment for this issue. My apologies. Next week!

Follow o’ the Letter

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As you know, the Earth is getting hotter. This is changing our climate. You could even say that global warming is creating climate change.

I say that. So does Katharine Hayhoe.

 She’s a climate scientist, and an outspoken one. That’s tough enough in today’s climate (so to speak), but being a woman makes it far harder. Because some men are jerks. To put it very, very mildly. 

I think she’s terrific. She’s doing a huge amount of work advocating for climate science and climate action, educating people on the situation and what we can do about it. She has a great series of short videos on YouTube called “Global Weirding”, and I highly recommend them.

And here’s an interesting note: She’s an evangelical Christian. 

A lot of her approach is to talk about the Bible supporting the idea that we should take care of the Earth. If you’re of that persuasion, she makes a strong argument for it.

It won’t shock you to know I’m not of that persuasion. However, I still strongly support Katharine and her work. For one thing, she can automatically get the ear of an audience that would be very difficult for me; it’s unlikely I will be invited to a Texas church, say, to talk about climate change. For another, a huge part of climate change denial is tribalism, and I am not the right tribe. She is, and has one fewer roadblock to face when talking about this topic. And for a third, this is precisely the audience we need most to hear the message.

Also? I like her. She’s cool, and friendly, and is doing a fantastic job trying to save humanity from its own short-sightedness.

You can follow her on Twitter, and on Facebook. Watch her videos, too, and spread the word.

Astro Tidbit

A brief synopsis of some interesting astronomy/science news that may be too short for the blog, too long for Twitter, but just right (and cool enough to talk about) for here.

I like astronomy-themed stuff. I mean, duh. So when I saw that the company Chef’s Vision has a set of what they call their “Cosmos Series” of knives, I was intrigued. They look really cool; they have Hubble images of various astronomical objects on the blades.

[Credit: Chef’s Vision]

Nice! I noticed that in a photo of the box they have very brief descriptions of the objects, too, which is a welcome bonus. If I had to whinge, even a tiny bit, I’d say I wish they gave the names of the objects, too, so people can find more info if they’re interested.

From smallest to largest, the objects are WR 124, a small part of the Veil Nebula, N90, Pismis 24, the Crab Nebula, and Sharpless 2-106 (one of my all-time Hubble favorites). Those links will give you tons of info on the objects.

I see a lot of this sort of thing now, and I love it. Astronomical images are very popular on tights, clothing in general, and lots of other things. The only problem is when I see them I try to figure out what the observations show, and that can be hard. Sometimes the manufacturer overlaps different images, for example. And sometimes I just don’t recognize the observations, which is rare but happens. I’ve spent a lot of time reading about various objects, so I can usually ID the image if not the observatory used, too.

And hey! If you have a company that does this, contact me! I’d be happy to write a short blurb describing your merchandise’s lovely cosmic apparition. My rates are reasonable.

Also, if you want to get the knives, they’re available on Amazon (affiliate link). I may have to get myself a set!

Et alia 

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