Mood bootstrapping

Discussion time!

Events of the day (the horror show of the RNC, for example) had me pretty down this morning. I’ve also had a lot of deadlines lately weighing on me, and despite having one done now (12 hours early, go me!) I was in a pissy mood earlier and finding it hard to do anything. So I took a break from it all and started a load of laundry, and that immediately made me feel a little better; I then wrote a newsletter article and did the dishes (my wife does all the cooking, since she’s orders of magnitude better at it than I am, so I do all the cleanup to balance).

I’m now feeling better and ready to tackle another writing project.

What do y’all do to knock yourselves out of a funk? I don’t mean anything serious, like diagnosable depression — that’s a very, very different matter — but just a malaise brought on current events? Go for a walk, brush the dog, watch a science video, do your nails, dust your knickknacks (not a euphemism), what-have-you? Maybe something you do will help someone else, or something they do will help you! So let’s hear it.