Problems with yesterday's BA Newsletter issue...

[OK, it looks like a lot of folks who subscribe for free did not get it. I’ll delete the article and resend it, which takes a few minutes, so Stay Tuned.]

[UPDATE again: It’s been deleted and re-sent and hopefully now all 5100 of y’all got it. :) ]

Hey folks- I messed up the settings of yesterday’s free issue (#303), and it was sent via email only to paid subscribers. I had to reset everything and resend it to everyone, but I got a note from someone saying they never got it.

If you are NOT a paid subscriber (so you only get free issues) and you DID receive yesterday’s issue via email, please leave a comment here. I just want to know if it got sent out or not! Once I understand what’s what I’ll likely delete this note, just so’s you know. THANKS!